Duck Dynasty Just Did Something Amazing For President Trump

Kirsters Baish| It’s great to see that not everyone who becomes famous off of television shows are narrow minded liberals. Sadie Robertson, of the popular show “Duck Dynasty,” released a YouTube video asking her community to say prayers for President Donald Trump. The video she posted on YouTube was titled “Prayer for Our Country.” This proud country girl showed her undying support for our president during a time of great need.

In her video, Robertson explained “I’m going to pray over our nation. I’m going to pray over our president… Let’s send Trump some love. It’s not about what he deserves. It’s not about that. It’s about what we believe and Mr. Trump, if you’re watching this, I am routing you on, and I wanted to let you know I believe the best in you.”

At only 20 years old, Robertson proves just how smart she really is for her young age. She stated, “I think you have a lot on your plate, and I know that must be very, very, very hard but as an American citizen I’m cheering you on.”

Robertson’s subscribers were quick to back her up after viewing her important message. One viewer wrote “I think it’s awesome that you pray for our President. Whether or not you agree with him we should all be praying for him and this country.”

Another one of Robertson’s viewers left a comment saying, “Yes! Let’s stand by our president! Let’s quit hating on him and stand by him and lift him up!”

It’s great to see people supporting this young girl’s views about keeping our country positive, rather than tearing us all apart. While everyone might not agree with President Trump’s policies, it is important to unite as a nation.

Another person commented, “As an immigrant, sure, I don’t necessarily agree with some of the decisions Trump and his administration make. Please don’t start an argument with me or debate. I am, however, also a Christian. I love the Lord. And God says to pray for those that persecute you.”

You can see the video below:

From the very start of Donald Trump’s run in the 2016 Presidential Election, Sadie and her family have been the ultimate supporters. Sadie isn’t the only one who has taken a stand for Trump. Will and Phil Robertson have also been huge advocates of President Trump. 

It’s great to see a young person taking the well-being of our country so seriously. Keep up the good work, Sadie!